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LoveYatri Movie will Be available in 5 Days. Below is the Reviews of the Movie and trailer of the movie.

Introducing: Aayush Sharma and Wareena Hussain

The movie is okay types… If you go for it don’t worry its not a loss but if you ignore it, you won’t feel sad.

The plot is very simple and nothing new

It’s a new bottle with a mixture of old wines.

The story starts with Shushrut aka Susu (Aayush) he is a garba teacher in Baroda and has a dream to open his own Garba Academy, however, is very low in studies and also the family is a bit upset with his grades and worried abt his future. Then comes Manisha aka Michelle (Warina) as a bright student in London and the only daughter of Ronit Roy who is shown as an owner of a dry cleaning factory. She is very ambitious and wanted to go to India for Navratri however his father denies. So her uncle plans a heart attack story and they both reach India.

After knowing the truth, Ronit roy leaves back for his work while Meenakshi stays back. While going for a Garba night the lovebirds meet and Susu immediately falls in Love. As he goes for some dramas like injury and all and finally both become friends and he takes Warina for Baroda Darshan.

As the Navratri is about to end, Ronit comes back to India and comes to know about Susu and Meenakshi and plans a meet with him. He tells Susu to stay back and also says that Meenakshi is already in a relationship with a guy from London named Chris. As he brainwashed Susu’s mind hence he and Meenakshi have a fight and a then typical story that Meenakshi leaves for London and he plans to go to her and apologize.

Watch Loveyatri Trailer Below.

He tries multiple options for Visa, however, is unable to get it. Meanwhile as his mama (Ram Kapoor) who is a garbage singer comes to him and states that he’s got a chance to do the Garba in London so takes Susu along so can meet Meenakshi and propose her.

As they finally reach London, he meets Meenakshi and then she takes her for London Darshan along with her friends and Chris. As he gets jealous after seeing Chris getting close to Meenakshi, she lets Meenakshi know that he loved her and leaves.

Next day Ronit roy comes to know that Susu is in London so he again decides to meet him and frames him for a crime and sends him to jail. The police officers are nonother than Jignesh & Bhavesh (Arbaaz and Sohail Khan) who listen to him and checks the camera which proves that Susu is innocent.

Same time Meenakshi goes to her father and tells her that she loves Susu and some emotional drama and leaves stating he will go back to India and live there with him.

Finally, climax scene which shows Ronit Roy accepting the proposal and both unite and Chris is not Meenakshi’s boyfriend, however, he’s a GAY and non-other than CHOGAADA SONG which is one of the best songs in the movie.

Overall the scenes are so easy to guess as we have watched this kind of movies many times… There’s nothing new in this one.

But I would appreciate the debutant star cast and the debutant director.

It’s not a bad job. Warina is very pretty and I guess she will make it and will definitely be counted as a leading lady in the future.

Aayush was okay and not that impressive as he acted well, however, the expressions were a bit low

Ram Kapoor, Ronit Roy, and other supporting star cast were okay. The two friends of Susu (Rocket & Negative) rocked.

If you still prefer and like DDLJ or DULHAN HUM LE JAYENGE etc type movies. This is a perfect treat for you. OH Yeah, I Watched the movie Yesterday and I Loved It Bcoz I like This Type Of story Plot And As I know This Was The First Movie in which Love Story Starts on the Navratri Ground and That was Amazing Really……

I Don’t Know That If People Like It Or not Bcoz There are many movies Whose Stories are Awesome But People Reject Them Nd Most Of Us Reject It By Others Review That They ask “Kaise H Movie” And If Someone Say Mt Jana yr Bohot Bekar H” So They Don’t Watch That One bt From My View Ya Its a Normal Story Bt Interesting Their Is something New and We Have To Appreciate It Bcoz

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